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Employee Retention Is Better for Business

The staggering annual cost of employee disengagement is approximately $450 billion! It turns out that a low employee retention rate is a major contributor to this amount and links to […]

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Author: Janine Ordman
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Top 4 Phrases a Boss Can Say to Motivate Employees

Studies have shown that salary is not the key to motivate employees. In fact, a company’s leadership has incredible influence over creating a positive office culture that encourages productive and […]

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Author: Camilla Marais
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5 Companies with the Happiest Employees

As employee engagement continues to be a highly researched business term, more companies are realizing that salary isn’t the most successful tool when creating a positive work environment. From charitable […]

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Employee Engagement Plan

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3 Easy Ways to Implement an Employee Engagement Plan

It’s no secret that employee engagement is a positive plan to implement in your office. Any new program can seem daunting to launch, so here are 3 ways to start […]

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Author: Camilla Marais
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