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Privacy Surrounding Staff Engagement- 5 Things to Consider

Although there are numerous benefits to staff engagement and it is something that must be encouraged and supported within an organisation on a daily basis, the ways in which staff […]

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Author: Rochelle van Rensburg
valuable employee

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How to Be a Valuable Employee?

What does it take to become a valuable member of a team? Being a valuable employee goes beyond just numbers and goals but also includes the type of energy you […]

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Author: Mollie Pendexter
hiring managers

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Top 5 Attributes Hiring Managers Look for in an Applicant

When it comes to winning over hiring managers, applicants can often be intimidated by the interview process. From the unknown questions to the specific job requirements, it can seem impossible […]

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Author: Camilla Marais
certificate of completion

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Top 5 Advantages of Earning a Certificate of Completion

  Until technology has evolved to the point where we can upload information directly to our brains, skills development and continuous professional development endeavors – personal or organizational – will […]

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Author: Janine Townsend

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Top 9 Words to NEVER Use in Your Resume

Researching buzzwords can be a great way to jazz up your resume, as these terms are trendy and eye-catching. However, as recruiters across the country go through thousands of resumes […]

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Author: Camilla Marais
asking for a promotion

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4 Quick Tips on Asking for a Promotion

  There are a few things in the professional world that invoke universal anxiety: public speaking, business pitches, and asking for a promotion. While the latter can seem like a […]

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Author: Camilla Marais
Working from home

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Top 5 Advantages to Working from Home

With technological advances making it easier than ever to work remotely, more and more professionals are choosing to work at home. From increased employee engagement to a more positive office […]

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Author: Camilla Marais
memorable resume

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3 Quick Tips on Creating a Memorable Resume

Often described as “the hard copy of your interview”, recruiters are continually stressing the importance of a competitive resume. No matter how great an in-person meeting might be, an applicant’s […]

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Author: Camilla Marais
Ace an interview

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Top Advice from Recruiters on How to Ace an Interview

Interviewing can be a stressful situation for even the most seasoned professionals. The best way to combat this anxiety is to prepare for an interview, both before and during the […]

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Author: Camilla Marais