Top 5 Advantages to Working from Home

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Camilla Marais

With technological advances making it easier than ever to work remotely, more and more professionals are choosing to work at home. From increased employee engagement to a more positive office culture, the advantages to working from home are astounding. Here are our top 5 benefits that come from employees working remotely, and how these benefits create positive office vibes.

Office Freedom

Where traditional offices have their own established structure, home offices allow personalization. Whether you prefer a standing desk, sitting on an exercise ball, or laying on a couch, remote workers have the freedom to create their ideal environment. The distraction of a traditional company building with multiple offices is eliminated when an employee works from home, as they are able to create their ideal work environment. This aspect of working from home encourages employee retention by allowing employees to create and work in environments where they thrive.

Location Options

Working from home doesn’t confine remote employees to their own spaces; if an employee works best in a coffee shop, local park, or even while travelling. This encourages employee productivity, as employees have the resources to work wherever, whenever. If an employee is joining a conference call, a more quiet and secluded location might be best, but most everyday work can be performed in any location. This practice encourages employee productivity and creativity, as employees have the freedom to work in whatever environment they flourish in.

Skills Development

As remote workers do not have the ability to simply walk down the hall to ask colleagues and bosses a question, they develop independence and stronger critical thinking skills. Technological and written communication skills are heavily utilized since working from home prevents employees from most face-to-face interactions. Employees that work in-office might not have this opportunity to develop these specific skills. Employee productivity and creativity grow with remote workers, as communication and critical thinking skills are developed within this work arrangement.

Positive Office Relationships

It’s no secret that within any organization with different types of people, there is going to be conflict. From miscommunications to gossip, workplace drama can put a serious damper on office culture. With employees working remotely, colleague relations are more likely to be positive and productive. Remotely working employees contribute to positive office culture and employee engagement by contributing to creative and critical communication skills.

Increased Focus

While working from home can distract employees with dishes to wash and Netflix to watch, working remotely cuts back on typical office distractions. Quick questions for colleagues can be communicated promptly, without getting stuck in 15 minutes of cubicle small talk. Grabbing a cup of coffee from your own Keurig is much less time consuming than utilizing the communal office kitchen. Working remotely allows employees to focus in their own space, away from office distractions, which boosts overall office production.

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