The Benefits of Motivating Your Employees Every Day

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Janine Townsend

We’ve written extensively about the importance of employee motivation, and we won’t stop anytime soon – if there’s one thing that we know for certain, it’s that motivated employees are productive employees. But why bother motivating employees? Isn’t it up to them to do whatever it takes to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, anyway? Of course, you want employees who are driven and can do their work without constant hand-holding, but employee motivation isn’t about that. It’s about understanding that a company’s most valuable assets are the people who work there – for their talent, their skills, their ideas, and their collective capacity to reach organizational goals. Employee relies on the desire to be engaged at work, greatly due to a conducive working environment; thus, cultivating and nurturing employees’ talent, skills and ideas will be to your benefit.

Organizations who put in the effort to motivate their staff see greater benefits when compared to the alternative – let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Higher retention and lower employee turnover
The process of training and replacing employees is costly. When companies are invested in keeping their employees motivated, they tend to retain their top talent and decrease employee turnover, thus saving time and money, and retaining historical knowledge of the industry and within the business.

2. A reduction in absenteeism
This sounds like a no-brainer benefit, but many companies forget that unhappy employees are more likely to find reasons to stay away from work. This could cost the company valuable time, could cut into productivity and have all sorts of negative roll-on effects (e.g., client dissatisfaction, missed deadlines, loss in reputation, etc.). When employees feel motivated to perform, they will also be more likely (41% more likely) to show up – physically and mentally.

3. Higher productivity rate
Motivated employees are more engaged at work, leading to a 17% increase in productivity (see: Gallup). Need we say more?

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4. Higher levels of employee satisfaction
Dissatisfied employees tend to feel less connected to their company and less enthusiastic about performing their daily duties. Satisfied employees are invested in their own success and the success of the organization at large. A company that motivates its staff not only delivers satisfying working experiences, but at the same time increases employee loyalty – there’s no better brand ambassador than a satisfied employee.

5. Increased profitability
If all of the above benefits are addressed, it stands to reason that a company’s profitability would automatically benefit. Employees who want to be at work, who don’t leave to seek out greener pastures, who don’t stay home every chance they get, who show up mentally and physically, who are satisfied with their working environment and circumstances lead to motivated employees who want to add value through their everyday work – thus leading to profitability and a reduction in avoidable costs.

Ezzely is a powerful tool that addresses employee engagement, employee motivation and satisfaction through some simple, yet effective app functionalities. Don’t know what to do to get your employees motivated? Ask them what they need using the Ezzely Survey functionality. And while you’re at it, why not add a random raffle for exciting prizes into the mix? Or motivate employees by recognizing them for their excellent efforts? Reach out to us and gain first-hand insight into how Ezzely can help you to motivate your staff and improve employee engagement levels.

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