How to Find the Best Employee Communication App

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Janine Townsend

Mobile apps are receiving more and more attention from some of today’s top businesses. Well-designed apps are efficient, convenient and they streamline organisational processes.
An effective employee communication app has the same effect. The rise of mobile apps in organizations has led to employee communication apps to be used in numerous ways, resulting in more effective workflows, faster turn-around times and a rise in productivity. But what makes a great employee communications app? We’re glad you asked.
There are some key features to bear in mind when looking for the best employee communication app:

A well-designed chat functionality

The focus of a good employee communications app is just that – for employees to communicate. The ability for staff to engage individually or in groups via instant messaging, photos, voice messages or video is therefore one of the main elements to consider when it comes to finding a good employee communications app.
Here are some of the features of well-designed chat functionality in an employee communication app:
A user-friendly interface: Nobody likes a cluttered or unintuitive screen. A clean design that is easy to understand and use will streamline and support interaction.

Instant, informative notifications: Notifications play a vital role in the effectiveness of chat functionality. Notifications alert all participants instantly when a message is sent, thereby encouraging interaction between all team members. Turn-around time and productivity are streamlined, especially in instances where assistance and clarification are required.

Online status and read receipts: Another feature of efficient chat apps is the indication of participant availability or status and whether messages have been received and read. This allows employees to send messages or to contact one another at an appropriate time.
Ezzely’s chat functionality incorporates all these features. Click here to learn more about it.


Aside from having well-designed chat functionality, a good employee communications app is practical – employees need to be able to use the app regularly, after all.
Although the elements of a practical employee communication app would vary from organisation to organisation, a safe rule of thumb is (again) that the app is easy to use, with features that support the unique processes and requirements of the organisation.

There are also technical elements regarding mobile deployment to consider that impact the practicality of a good employee communications app – for example, apps that are lighter on mobile data and battery life are more likely to be used frequently than apps that are not.
Ezzely’s Quick Train feature is the perfect example of an employee communication app that is practical. Learn more about it here.

Employer-to-Employee Communications

A good employee communication app does not only improve communication between employees, but between employees and the employer as well.
Employers use the app to communicate a wide range of information to employees, such as company news, announcements, how-to videos, marketing communications, and blogs.
When it comes to employee-to-employer communications, surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms are used to convey employee feedback and ideas to the organisation.
Ezzely has a great built-in survey functionality that does just that – learn more about it here.

Employee recognition

We’re all familiar with the numerous benefits to organisations for having an efficient employee recognition mechanism in place. Recognizing employees is not only a great driver for employee motivation, but it also strengthens and incentivizes the exceptional achievements that are produced for the organisation.
A good employee communication app supports and encourages by means of a built-in function that employees can easily use to recognise their colleagues on a job well done.
Ezzely has a user-friendly recognition feature. Learn more about it here.
Last note:
Give your team a way to communicate, engage and interact by using a good employee communication app. Looking for an effective employee communication app now?
We invite you to try Ezzely. Just click here to see how it works or sign up for a free trial here.

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