3 Reasons Why Organizational Culture Is Important

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Rochelle van Rensburg

Why is organizational culture necessary, you ask? Your culture impacts everything, from its performance to how your business is seen in the media. This article addresses a few reasons why it could be beneficial to your organization to have a solid and positive organizational culture in place.
Why does it matter that your organizational culture is one way instead of another?
It seems to matter a great deal. Organizational culture is vital to the success and overall health of your company, your staff, and your customers. This is why it’s useful to spend some time considering why your company’s culture is the what it is, and why it’s necessary that it stays that way (or changes). Let’s unpack some reasons why organizational culture is important.

1. It describes your business’s internal and external identity.

Here’s an inspiration exercise: write down 5 qualities that best describe your organization’s culture. You could possibly write something like “good work-life balance” or “lots of meetings” or even “team-oriented.”
Now, take a couple of minutes examining why every one of these attributes is vital to your organization. Why is it necessary that your company includes a smart work-life balance? What makes these attributes valuable to your staff and customers?
Peter Ashworth explains that your company culture “defines for you and for all others, how your organization does business, how your organization interacts with one another and how the team interacts with the outside world, specifically your customers, employees, partners, suppliers, media and all other stakeholders.”
In other words, your company culture can echo across all aspects of your company, as a result of representing the manner in which do business. It also represents your identity and your image, which means it determines the way your staff and clientele see you.
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2. Company culture involves living your company’s core values.

Your culture is a reflection (or a betrayal) of your company’s core values. The ways in which you conduct business, manage work flow, act as a team, and treat your customers all add up to an experience that ought to represent who you are as a company and the way you think an organization should be run.
In short, your culture is the sum total of your company’s beliefs in action.
But if your espoused values don’t match your culture, that’s could be a challenge. It might mean that your “core values” are a list of hollow buzzwords, and your staff realize it.
A strong company culture keeps your company’s core values front and centre in all aspects of its everyday operations and organizational structure. The worth of doing so is immeasurable.

3. Your culture will change staff into advocates (or critics).

One of the best advantages of a solid organizational culture is that it has the ability to turn staff into advocates.
Your staff want more than a steady payroll check and nice benefits; they need to feel like what they are doing matters. And once your individuals feel like they matter, they’re more likely to become culture advocates—that is, people that not only contribute to your organization’s culture, but also market it and live it internally and outwardly.
How does one accomplish this? One way is to acknowledge good work. A culture that celebrates individual and team successes, that provides credit once credit is due, may be a culture that provides a sense of accomplishment. And that’s a way to show staff into advocates.
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Last note:
Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a solid organizational culture in your organization?
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