Pros & Cons for Workplace Childcare Facilities

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Camilla Marais

Employee retention is a contributing factor to any successful business, and many companies are turning to workplace childcare to create this culture. From increased employee engagement to compounded employee loyalty, implementing a workplace childcare facility can be an incredible business decision. However, like any change, adding this facility to your company has risks. Here are the top pro’s and con’s for adding a workplace childcare facility to your office, so that you can make the best business decision possible.

Pro: Enhance Business Environment

A buzzword within employee engagement programs is life-work balance, and implementing a workplace childcare facility is a great way to increase employee loyalty. Offering employees workplace childcare shows that the company values them as people, not just as money-making machines, which encourages a positive office culture.

Con: Parents might be distracted

Instead of coming into the office and leaving their personal lives at home, employees would now be bringing their personal lives to work with them. This could impact team members’ ability to focus, as they might be worrying about whether their child is having a good experience instead of a time-sensitive work project.

Pro: Supports Local Economy

In order to implement a childcare facility, a company would need create jobs with their need to hire more staff. This pours money back into the local economy, which creates a positive relationship between the company and their community.

Con: Cost to Office

To implement a nice childcare center, a company would have to invest in additional bathrooms, a kitchen, and emergency materials. Additionally, the center would have to invest in toys, play equipment, and other supplies to get daycare certification.

Pro: Company Loses Less Workers

Businesses know each employee is worth thousands of dollars, and that fantastic team members are priceless. By offering workplace childcare, businesses are able to reduce employee turnover and hang on to their best team members.

Con: Company Liability

Logistically, if a company opens up a childcare service, they are liable for every child in the center. From children’s allergies to any potential injuries, the business is responsible for any unfortunate event on its premises.

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