Motivate Construction Employees to Cement their Relationship with Your Organization

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Mollie Pendexter

With labor shortages becoming more palpable in today’s construction industry, it’s essential to find ways to keep your employees happy and organized. In FMI’s talent development survey, 86% of respondents reported that their companies were experiencing skilled labor shortages. With tight deadlines, long days, and short-handed teams, more construction personnel are leaving the field than ever.

With this resulting high employee turnover in the construction industry, it is high time for companies to focus on corporate culture, employee engagement, and work-life quality to attract and retain good employees.

Keeping your workers motivated and satisfied will eventually lead to higher productivity and lower employee turnover. Here are the few tips to keep them motivated and happy

Feedback on a continuous basis

Did you know that millennials contribute 34% of the nation’s workforce? This number is expected to grow to 50% by 2020. So, the challenge is to attract and retain the young and dynamic workforce that’s at your disposal. It’s a known fact that millennials like receiving feedback regularly so that they can measure how their individual jobs are contributing to the organization as a whole. Having an exhilarated and young team focused on a common goal, excellent communication, and robust relationships will help them to engage and transform the way your team operates over time.

  • Keeping a strong communication channel

A lot of different things are happening every day on sites, and maintaining secure communication with workers is a challenge for higher management. While traditionally, construction site managers use a paper-laid chart to track progression switching to a digital application may help you not only track progress better but reward your employees on a more regular basis. You can make use of mobile apps to unite with your employees all the time from anywhere, successfully recognizing their hard work.

  • Reward them after a day of hard work

Construction workers are exposed to all sorts of extreme temperatures. After a rough day at work, there is nothing more encouraging than recognizing this. Particularly rough days may deserve a team happy hour or dinner while on other days, you might want to reward them through the Ezzely app with points or encouraging words.

  • Keep a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere

A constantly tense and stressful environment opens up the gates for lower productivity and negative team outlook. It’s essential to keep stress at bay even when your project timeline is cutting close. Positive environments trickle down from the outlook of managers if you create a space where employees are valued and positive their stress levels remain low; ultimately bringing you and your team closer to your deadlines and goals.

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