3 Quick Tips on Creating a Memorable Resume

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Camilla Marais

Often described as “the hard copy of your interview”, recruiters are continually stressing the importance of a competitive resume. No matter how great an in-person meeting might be, an applicant’s resume is ultimately what an interviewer will review and refer to when making hiring choices. After gathering hundreds of resumes in a year, these documents can all begin to look the same. Crafting your resume to be a unique, compelling, and competitive document is key to successfully marketing yourself for any position. Here are three quick tips on how to craft a unique and memorable resume for any job position.

Make your Resume Specific

Tailoring the content of your resume specifically to an individual job description can seem tedious; however, this step will not only set you apart from competitors, but show the interviewers that you are serious about the position. After gathering the specific requirements and responsibilities of your desired job, arrange the contents of your cover letter and resume to highlight the relevant skills you hold. Instead of ordering your work experience in the traditional chronological way, arrange the experiences in order of relevance to the desired position. This will reveal a competitive and relevant resume at the interviewer’s first glance.

Highlight Successes over Job Titles

Instead of simply listing your previous job experiences, emphasize the world you accomplished under those positions. To differentiate yourself from the other hundred professionals that have held your titles, try to highlight the unique projects you accomplished. If you’ve been a manager, emphasize the unique ways you led and supported your branch; if you’ve worked in sales, describe the high-pressure deals you’ve successfully closed. Differentiating your skill set from the other applicants not only makes your resume memorable, but more competitive.

Add Some Statistics

While stories and experiences are components of a developed resume, few things are as convincing as some cold, hard facts. Attaching the business analytics to your listed projects and experiences is a compelling way to illustrate your value and skillset. For example, if you’ve managed a company budget, bring grafts to illustrate how much money you saved the business. If you’ve run the social media platforms for a business, list exactly how many views your content produced. These statistics will create a more memorable resume by providing concrete evidence for your competence.

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