Top 5 Advantages of Earning a Certificate of Completion

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Janine Townsend


Until technology has evolved to the point where we can upload information directly to our brains, skills development and continuous professional development endeavors – personal or organizational – will be necessary to stay relevant and up to date in any given industry. Where further education used to be a luxury only the affluent could afford, the internet has allowed anyone with access to it to broaden their knowledge-base and develop their skills in non-traditional, far more affordable and convenient ways while still earning a certificate of completion.

What are the advantages of earning a certificate of completion?

Bolsters your resumé
A certificate of completion supports your participation in a course and allows employers/ prospective employers to establish whether your knowledge-base corresponds to their skills requirements. Possessing specific skills may also serve to set you apart from employment competitors.

Authenticates your skillset
If a certificate is earned from a reputable source, it lends credibility to obtained credentials. Credible credentials are far more valuable to employers than ones that cannot be verified, mainly if obtaining a particular certificate could assist an employer in providing evidence of industry compliance.

Incentivises course completion
If there is something at stake, such as earning a completion certificate, people tend to be far more likely to complete a course; especially in cases where a course can be taken for free, thus reducing a learner’s investment in the outcome of completion.

Incentivises continuous learning and development
Knowledge means very little if it is outdated or irrelevant. Innovation is encouraged and valued in the workplace, especially in an age where technological advancements are changing the face of the world at an increasingly rapid pace. If workers do not keep up with industry advancements, they are unlikely to go very far in their careers. Obtaining a certificate of completion not only incentivizes learners to finish courses because they have something to show for their efforts, but it may also serve as motivation to continue on a path of learning, notably when a learning platform simplifies the learning process.

Formalizes and structures learning
Certificates of completion are often tied to courses that have clear course outcomes for structured, goal-oriented learning (i.e., allowing professionals to have more control over their learning development in line with the requirements of career development). In addition to providing authenticity to obtained skills, a completion certificate formalizes a learner’s efforts, consequently contributing to their confidence and pride in their acquired abilities and learning results.

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