How to Be a Valuable Employee?

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Mollie Pendexter

What does it take to become a valuable member of a team? Being a valuable employee goes beyond just numbers and goals but also includes the type of energy you bring, the way you interact with coworkers and your reliability as a peer.

While on paper statistics can show the value of an employee it’s important to remember that creative thinkers, leaders and strategic planners are part of the bigger picture of any company.

Become a Valuable Employee

Here are some of the important values you can bring to your company as an employee.


Most employees fail to pay attention to the instructions given by their senior staff. When you fail to listen you can find yourself in a situation where you’re having to re-ask for instructions or make a mistake.

If you are an employee who constantly asks for things to be repeated you can be seen as someone who has a deaf ear when it comes to senior management. Listen to instructions carefully and take notes the first time to show that you are at most, interesting in doing your job correctly. This not only shows your willingness to do things correctly, it shows respect to the person giving you the information. When managers see you are listening to them with intent they are then able to see that you take your responsibilities seriously.


Show your management that they can rely on you, by keeping on task and completing projects on time. Show up for work on time and always be available to help your colleagues. Seeing things like this through shows that you care and are someone that they can count on.

Learning and Adaptability:

Employees create value when they adapt changes. Employees who show an eagerness to learn and apply new technologies are employees who have the company’s best interest in mind. When you show you are willing to change and adapt you are letting your company know you want to grow with them.


At the workplace, employees with a positive attitude can do more than they think. People who exude positivity and happiness are likely to pass this feeling onto their coworkers. When you create a positive environment for your team – you are all then able to cultivate a motivated and efficient workflow.


Integrity is the virtue of choosing what is right, no matter the consequences. Although it is sometimes hard in a workplace especially when you are at a lower level – it’s important to make choices that benefit the company and your team. When you are seen as someone with integrity it shows that you have the best interest for your team, boss and company values.

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