Privacy Surrounding Staff Engagement- 5 Things to Consider

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Rochelle van Rensburg

Although there are numerous benefits to staff engagement and it is something that must be encouraged and supported within an organisation on a daily basis, the ways in which staff engagement takes place and the platforms that are used to make the engagement happen are aspects that need to be managed quite carefully.
Social media and texting have become such an integral part of our personal and professional networking world, but these platforms are unfortunately not ideal when it comes to staff engagement, or staff training.
By discussing private company subjects on these public platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or even text messaging, you could potentially be exposing yourself and your organisation to some serious risks.
Let’s unpack some of these risks, along with suggestions of alternative, more appropriate platforms that can be implemented to support and encourage staff engagement and staff training.

You could seriously harm your organisation’s reputation

The internal goings-on, policies, processes, or basically any other type of organisational information is not intended to be shared with anyone outside of the company. When this information is shared in a public space, it could damage the organisation’s reputation and brand, even if you shared the information with a good intention.
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You could accidentally leak confidential information

Social media has the power to link you with a wide range of people from around the world with the click of a link, or the tap of a “Send” button. With each of these people having their own system of social media acquaintances, confidential information can spread like wildfire.
You could slip up by sharing some information of a project your team is working on, or by sending a message to someone who could be associated with your company’s competitors.
Remember- that whatever you post on social media becomes public material straight away, and competitors can choose to use this for their benefit at any time.
Apart from this, if you are found to be the source of the leak, disciplinary proceedings could follow.
The best way of ensuring that this does not happen, is to make sure that everyone in the organisation has received adequate staff training about the possible consequences of discussing sensitive information via text or social media.

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You could become unproductive

Numerous studies have found that social media hinders productivity at the office.
Although staff engagement and staff training are highly beneficial, there is no hesitation that social media can be very distracting, preventing you from focusing on your responsibilities and tasks.

If you can’t handle these distractions effectively, you may find yourself not meeting your deadlines or delivering work that is not on the level of quality you usually produce.

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You open yourself up to victimisation or discrimination

Sharing your views or feelings about a confidential organisational matter in a public or unsecure space could potentially expose you to cyber-bullying or discrimination, even if you had the best intentions in mind regarding staff engagement or staff training.
Rumors, stories and photos spread rapidly over social media, especially in a closely connected setting such as the office. If your co-workers are also your social media contacts, you should bear in mind that they have access to what you post and can share it with everyone else at the office.
You should also never misjudge the emotional effects your social media activities can have on others.
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You could become a target for cyber criminals

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated, with some having the ability to use “social engineering” methods to take advantage of social media users.

Many of us perceive our Facebook friends or Twitter followers as trustworthy, even if we have never met all of them in person. Social media hacking has therefore become one of the most significant threats to corporate cyber security and is also a moderately easy avenue for the spread of malware, such as viruses.
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