How an Employee Survey Adds to Your Company Culture

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Rochelle van Rensburg

Employee surveys are among the most valuable yet underused research tools available on the market. Certainly, these employee surveys can be conducted from online surveys to traditional paper surveys using a variety of methodologies.

The implementation of an employee survey at your company, no matter what approach you use, is a step in the right direction to recognize your employee needs, and to increase employee engagement in your organization.

There’s a saying that goes:
“Don’t forget the most important customers of all: your staff.”
What’s on the minds of your employees? Find out with an employee survey app.
Here are a few of the most valuable benefits that an effective employee survey can have for your organization:

1. It provides a feedback portal

The main and most obvious advantage of launching an effective employee survey in your organization is the fact that your staff are given an opportunity to speak their minds in a safe environment, provided that the survey responses are submitted anonymously.

This will allow your staff to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences with you regarding aspects of your organization you might not even have thought of, and will provide you will valuable insights and tools on how things in your organization could be improved from an employee’s perspective, and how employee engagement can be improved.

2. It helps you understand key areas for improvement

This critical benefit recognizes the core areas and causes that are important to staff, but also those with which they are less than pleased.
These become priorities of action for your management teams and Human Resources teams. It ensures that, post-survey, you’ll spend your time on the items most important to employees.

3. It enables measurement of employee satisfaction

The most common reason why employees are being surveyed is to determine their level of satisfaction. Satisfaction surveys collect information on a variety of work-related issues, such as job satisfaction, compensation/ benefits, company policies, retention, working hours, etc.

These types of surveys help businesses as they get clear views and opinions of staff, which can then be used for planning purposes by management.

increase employee engagement

4. It provides a holistic employee perspective

Organizations can use 360 surveys to get employee input from a variety of sources including peers, bosses, managers and subordinates. This provides a general yet comprehensive view, and enables an employee to understand how others in the organization perceive him or her. 360 feedback surveys are vital to company growth, as they can identify areas for opportunities for improvement and development.

5. You will better understand the reasons for the resignation of an employee

An exit survey is a common type of employee questionnaire used by Human Resources departments that is a great tool to increase employee engagement. Exit surveys are a helpful way of understanding why a worker has resigned, and in gaining insight into the work environment.

The collected data will allow you to identify ways of avoiding a high staff turnover rate and to make any necessary changes to policies and procedures. These surveys will also give you insight into employee satisfaction and may reveal opportunities for training and development.

6. It allows you to examine workplace climate

This type of questionnaire is used from an organizational perspective to determine a company’s strengths and weaknesses. Climate surveys request the feelings, opinions and perceptions of the employees regarding the environment of the organization.

Businesses that undergo restructuring or mergers also use climate surveys to gain insight into how workers view the changes. Climate surveys are also useful since they can assess employee awareness and commitment to the mission and vision of the organization.

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