When You Allow Employees to Swap Shifts, You Give Them Freedom

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Rochelle van Rensburg

Life is unpredictable – this is a fact of which we are all well aware. Even when we use our best skills of preparation and foresight, it’s inevitable that unexpected events will pop up in our lives and the lives of our employees, requiring us to make arrangements at work such as leaving early, working from a different location, or arranging shift swaps.
That being said, employee shift swaps and changes have, until recently, been one of the biggest sources of frustration for managers. It used to be confusing, complicated and time-consuming to arrange- updated schedules had to be pencilled in, remembered, kept track of, and issues resulting from management not being aware of the shift swaps had to be dealt with.
Understandably, this resulted in frustrations being experienced by employees, management and clientele that expect professional service. Talk about lose-lose situation.
The Ezzely app has resolved this issue with a built-in employee scheduling app that allows employees to handle their shift swaps electronically. Employees can request and accept shift swaps on the fly, easily and efficiently without disrupting management in the process.
Watch this short informational video to learn how it works: https://youtu.be/nFSYHEOhhN8

We’ve touched on some of the benefits of implementing a shift-swapping system that works, but let’s unpack these in some more detail. What would this situation look like for your employees?

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Employees gain control over their schedules

When was the last time you had to do something because you had no choice in the matter?
It doesn’t feel great, does it?

It goes without saying that by empowering your employees to swap shifts, you grant them more freedom in their lives by allowing them to control it- to have a choice in the matter.

The ability to have a choice or to decide reinforces our perception of control and creates a sense of independence and self-determination.
Ezzely’s employee scheduling app is easy to use. Click here to learn more about how it works.

Employee job satisfaction and productivity receives a boost

When you support workers and their families by allowing suitable shift swaps, it creates a reservoir of worker good will towards the organization – they will appreciate it, and it will boost their morale as well.
Managing the way in which employees can swap shifts will streamline processes for everyone in the department and organization. In many ways, employees and managers become partners in making sure all shifts are adequately covered and filling open shifts with employees of equal skill helps managers to prevent a void.
Ezzely’s employee scheduling app streamlines the communication that is required for shift swaps to be created and arranged, effortlessly. Click here to learn more about how it works.

Employees are healthier and more motivated

Generally, it’s better to let workers make as many decisions as possible.
Human behavior studies have shown that our level of intrinsic motivation is directly linked to the level of decision-making we feel that we have in a situation.

When employees feel in charge, they are more motivated to do their best. They are engaged and inspired. This will enable them to deal with the challenges and pressures at work more effectively, leading to less stress, and eventually, to fewer sick days and time off-work due to illness.
Ezzely’s employee engagement app will enable your employees to trade shifts on the days when they are not feeling their best. Click here to learn more about how it works.
Last note:
Are you ready to give more freedom to your employees to swap shifts?
We invite you to try Ezzely. Just click here to see how it works or sign up for a free trial here.

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