8 Sure-fire Ways to Improve Employee Engagement App Retention

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Janine Townsend

The mobile app space is saturated with a ton of apps that are gathering dust- people tend to only keep and use the apps they really need. As such, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to grow their apps and to retain their users- employee engagement apps are no exception. We consulted Entrepreneur  for some useful retention ideas to ensure that your employee engagement app becomes a long-term solution and investment.

1. Use email marketing to re-engage your users

Email marketing can be an incredibly useful reminder tool to encourage re-engagement. Create a simple email campaign when first adopting your chosen employee engagement app, but frequently remind your employees of the benefits they could enjoy (which they would not otherwise have access to) if they logged in on a daily basis. With Ezzely, your benefits reminder email practically writes itself: Stay up to date with training and team news; easily request and receive updates on shift swaps; continuous recognition and rewards opportunities; and provide hassle-free feedback, all on your mobile device.

2. Collect massive amounts of user feedback

Make strong, data-driven decisions. When using Ezzely to improve employee engagement, take the time to determine whether the rewards offered are ones that will motivate your employees’ performance, determine whether the bite-sized learning materials you upload are making a difference in employee performance, and keep a regular rhythm in sending out employee engagement surveys. Ezzely is a vehicle for employee engagement and will deliver the best engagement results if you keep on listening to the needs of your staff and addressing it according to their feedback and date available to you.

3. Build growth into your platform as a feature

Entrepreneur recommends making it as simple as possible to share an app with others in order to drive uptake. Although this particular recommendation might not be relevant when considering apps with a specific focus on an organization’s internal matters, it’s still useful to consider selecting an employee engagement app where its uptake is simple and that makes it easy for colleagues to share and receive work-related information- Ezzely’s Activity Feed comes in useful here. Ultimately, when an app is truly useful, employees would be more likely to incorporate its functionalities into their daily work routine and encourage their colleagues to do so too. This leads us to the next point…

4. Ensure app retention through an easy onboarding experience

If you want to ensure high levels of employee retention, users should quickly become accustomed to using the app and know that the app will add value to their lives.

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5. Test from the get-go and make data driven decisions

Before selecting an employee engagement app, test whether it would work in your organizational environment; play around with its functionality to see how you can best implement it for your unique needs. The app’s successful uptake will depend on how quickly employees can learn to use it, and whether it makes a difference in their daily lives or whether it’s just another frustrating process that eats into their productivity. It’s for this very reason that we make it as simple as possible for our clients to test Ezzely before making a commitment- organizations can try our app for free with up to five users with only a few limits on functionality, and set up a demo to assist in the decision-making process.

6. Make data work for you

Data is only useful insofar as it helps you to understand or improve aspects of your business- use it to proactively guide your decisions and to improve employee engagement. Make use of quick polls and employee engagement surveys and address your staff’s concerns in a meaningful way- if they see that the app works to their benefit, they’ll be more likely to use it.

 7. Use emojis

According to Entrepreneur, LeanPlum found that using an emoji in in-app communications (visible in push notifications) increased engagement by 9%- keep it professional, but add a personal touch to resonate with your app’s users.

8. Focus on product, not marketing

Put in effort to customize your employee engagement app to suit the needs of your organization- whether it be the kinds of rewards you offer, the recognition you give, or the kinds of courses and training material you make available to staff. Instead of focusing merely on corporate identity, add a bit of organizational personality and flavor to your employee engagement app to foster a sense of pride and ensure the longevity of an app that is meant to assist both your business and your staff.

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