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Empower Employees with Effective Communication During Challenging Times

We are currently facing many changes and for once, technology is not the root cause. The world of work has been flung into a bit of a predicament in light […]

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Author: Janine Townsend

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Enabling Productive Remote Work: Expert Tips For Staying Connected And Engaged During COVID-19

Telecommuting workers during COVID-19 is a stress-filled experience that challenges many employees to stay focused and engaged. Managers should encourage company-wide communications and respond to problems with appropriate action plans, […]

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Author: Stewart Lawrence

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Why a Team Chat App Is the Backbone of Non-desk Companies

President Obama recently said that America’s backbone is small businesses, and he isn’t wrong. We want to add to the idea by taking it a step further: the deskless employee […]

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Author: Rochelle van Rensburg

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How to Find the Best Employee Communication App

Mobile apps are receiving more and more attention from some of today’s top businesses. Well-designed apps are efficient, convenient and they streamline organisational processes. An effective employee communication app has […]

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Author: Janine Townsend

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B to E: The Next Generation of Corporate Communication

There’s an ice cream shop down the street from our office that has a seemingly improbable Help Wanted sign posted. Aside from stating the tasks and general pay rate, the […]

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Author: Tod Browndorf