B to E: The Next Generation of Corporate Communication

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Tod Browndorf

There’s an ice cream shop down the street from our office that has a seemingly improbable Help Wanted sign posted. Aside from stating the tasks and general pay rate, the requirement most in demand states, “Must be able to work 2 hours without checking your phone.”

While this might seem to be a relatively simple request, we here came to think that it was indicative of a greater issue facing employers, and our culture in general.

Our workforces are being bombarded with information every day. Information that they were never previously capable of receiving. From social media updates, to news, to game scores, to personal messages and pictures. All this besides the important information they receive about their bank accounts, doctors’ appointments, social engagements, and more. It resides on their hip, and they are attuned to, some might say addicted to, checking it often.

Business to Employee: Major Challenge Facing Employers

As employers, we are now faced with a great challenge. With all this information available and work tasks that are often less interesting than what their phones have to offer. How do we compete for mind-space amidst all of this?

Years ago, it was as simple as creating a policy of “No personal phone calls at work.” Then it became, “No personal PC browsing at work.” But as generations evolve, those are no longer feasible solutions. What successful work environment can effectively attract the type of staff they want and need with restrictions on the one personal instrument of communication that is so ingrained in our culture?

That being said, we have arrived at a turning point in communication; one where once navigated, there is no turning back. It’s akin to when in the 50’s, planes suddenly became the more popular mode of transportation over ships, and it never reverted back. Or when email overtook snail mail and faxes. Once these corners were turned, we never reverted to them again.

That device in everyone’s pocket is not going away. It is going to get slimmer, last longer, and provide faster, more relevant information every year. It’s only going to be more relied upon in the future. As it will evolve in ways we can now only imagine. Restricting access to it will not be feasible. So finding a way to place relevant, engaging corporate communication on it is the only means for a company to stay current, engaging, and relevant in the daily lives of their workforces.

Ezzely, The first B-to-E (Business to Employee) Platform

Ezzely is taking the first steps towards making this a reality. Our modules meld together corporate communication and business/social engagement. Ezzely may be the first B-to-E (Business to Employee) platform; one that we intend to make an integral part of your organization’s communication with its workforce, and one that your staff will allocate more of their mental awareness to. If we can divert some of their attention to what’s important, the success of your organization, then we will have succeeded in our goal.

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