Empower Employees with Effective Communication During Challenging Times

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Janine Townsend

We are currently facing many changes and for once, technology is not the root cause. The world of work has been flung into a bit of a predicament in light of the global Covid-19 pandemic. This is a time where the uptake of technology in your business can be more useful than ever, not just to improve productivity, but to improve lines of communication among colleagues and teams.

Many people who do not work in essential services industries still need to earn an income and the companies for whom they work still need to operate in order to pay employees’ salaries. This is technology’s time to shine, prove its worth in a sphere of the world that may have previously been too nervous to go “all in”. Many people are working from home. Some are loving the opportunity and find it conducive to productivity, while others may feel a bit isolated. Employee communication is key in both these instances, but it’s all about finding the sweet spot of not bombarding people with check-ins every five seconds, but not leaving them to fend for themselves completely on their own.

Some people might still resist the solutions put in place to address the change, especially if the tumult came out of left-field – as we know, it can be difficult for people to embrace uncertainty. Resistance and fear in the workplace can be countered and addressed by approaching it from a place of compassion and unity – and not just in the face of unexpected pandemics.

Employee communication

To manage fear and resistance effectively, it’s important to consider the root causes of the resistance and to address those using internal communications (particularly in the absence of one-on-one interactions).

Here are a few suggestions to improve your employee communication strategies in a time of change and uncertainty:

  •  Remind employees of the organization’s commitment to its employees and its clients alike, using concrete examples of the support being offered.And make sure that your employees understand the rationale behind your decisions if it will have an impact on their lives and livelihood. This type of communication can be sent out as a daily update on a company-wide news feed – on Ezzely, the Activity Feed is an awesome platform to send out company-wide updates.
  • Provide employees with relevant training and useful information to help them navigate the change effectively. On Ezzely, you can choose from thousands of curated Coggno courses to offer your staff, and even upload your own company-specific material. Best of all, they can access it from their mobile device or laptop without having to come into the office.
  • Get your employees’ feedback on best practices – send out a quick survey or post a question on the Activity Feed – quick, easy and accessible.
  • Although people don’t necessarily want to be in constant personal communication during times of change (they need time to also focus on their work), there is no such thing as over-communication when it comes addressing potential queries or concerns. Make sure that your employees are well-informed during a time of change or crisis so that they have the best possible information at their disposal to deal with it adequately.
  • Stay transparent and authentic in all communication, which builds trust and loyalty in trying times.

The current uncertainty will pass, and it’s the organizations that made their employees (and clients) feel informed and cared for during that time,that will experience the greatest reputational benefit at the end of it.

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