Why a Team Chat App Is the Backbone of Non-desk Companies

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Rochelle van Rensburg

President Obama recently said that America’s backbone is small businesses, and he isn’t wrong.
We want to add to the idea by taking it a step further: the deskless employee is America’s real backbone. They work in the field and on building sites, in restaurants and bars, and they drive trucks. These workers make up 75% of the workforce and are vital to the growth of a business and the happiness of a customer. They are indispensable.

A vast majority of these deskless employees feel under-appreciated, neglected and receive very few communications from the management teams and higher-ups. And that’s precisely what you don’t want. If you have deskless employees that feel unrecognized, the company risks losing sustainability and efficiency.

Why is it so challenging for businesses to connect and get every employee involved? When it comes to deskless employees, they aren’t as integrated as the rest of the staff. In reality, 85% of deskless employees say the feedback they get on the job is not adequate.

There are many reasons for this:

  • They’re out of the office and are usually on the road.

  • They seldom, if at all, visit the firm’s headquarters.

  • Restricted or no access to a computer.

  •  No business email.

  •  Connecting or communicating with peers is a challenge.

  •  Company News and updates aren’t easy to access.

  •  They are unable to access relevant documents or information on-the-go.

deskless employees

Here’s the thing, if you’re trying to send out email messages, making phone calls and adding information to newsletter boards–you’re using old ways to contact your deskless staff.

What’s the answer, then? It’s easy. We all have cell phones, so why not use them?
By getting a team chat app, you will easily be able to reach your non-desk staff and to keep them in the loop. More and more companies have made the move now and are seeing amazing results.

Here’s how a team chat app can help your business:

  • The number of phone calls goes down, which keeps everyone productive and on track with deliverable and deadlines.

  • No need to write everything down – all data is stored in the cloud, and you can use it whenever you need it.

  • Updates in Real-time. Employees don’t have to wait until the next email or conference to get essential details from the organization; instead they will get updates directly on their devices.

  • Share files, images, and videos. A picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes. Or maybe the people are more visual? Send information, the way your employees prefer.

By implementing a team chat app, you will not only make sure that all your non-desk employees are well-informed and included, but it will make them feel valued and more engaged at work.

Last note:
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