Employee Satisfaction Forms the Foundation for Employees’ Engagement. Here’s What You Should Know

Janine Townsend

We’ve known for a while now that organizations with engaged employees experience higher employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and innovation. We also know that engaged employees require less training time, experience less illness, and have fewer accidents at work. However, something that managers often get wrong is to confuse employee engagement with employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement

A job can be satisfying without necessarily motivating engagement; e.g., employees could be satisfied with their pay, their working hours and work flexibility, but put in only the bare minimum effort to get by in their roles. It is, however, important to remember that employee satisfaction is the minimum requirement for an employee to be fully engaged at work. So, how do you get from satisfied to engaged and productive?

An engaged employee is someone who not only shows up to work but who becomes involved and invested in their work; they are driven by five factors:

• Meaning
• Autonomy
• Growth
• Impact
• Connection

Creating a working environment that delivers on all five of these factors may seem a tall order for an app to fulfill; the right app could serve as a satisfaction/engagement enabler. The first step is to gauge employees’ level of satisfaction in your organization. Ezzely allows organizations to take their pulse by developing and deploying employee surveys straight to their phones; thus, enabling employee feedback as and when needed.

The app further enables employee engagement by allowing employees to meaningfully connect using Ezzely’s activity feed functionality, which can be used to improve communication and collaboration amongst colleagues who do not necessarily work in the same office or even in the same region. Ezzely further enables employees to work autonomously and achieve growth by having access to training and updated work-related information, and the ability to request shift swaps.

Employees can see the impact they make on the organization by earning rewards for a job done well or by receiving recognition from colleagues for various work-related achievements. All of Ezzely’s functionality is directed at giving employees a meaningful work experience, where they feel that they are seen, heard, and taken into consideration by the organization for whom they work.

Gauge your employees’ satisfaction and get them engaged using Ezzely. Setup takes only a few minutes, and our 15-day free trial will let you see the value for yourself before committing – no credit card required.

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