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5 Fun Employee Activities that Boost Morale!

Do you suspect that your employees are unhappy in the workplace? Unhappy or unfulfilled employees can lead to low productivity and ultimately hinder your business from reaching its goals. Mental […]

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Author: Mollie Pendexter

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Employee Morale

Anyone who has been in a company with low employee morale can feel how contagious and dangerous the mindset is. The attitude is both immediately noticed and difficult to eliminate, […]

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Author: Camilla Marais

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Employee Engagement Benefits

Employees are the heart and soul of any business. You can have the best idea, the most innovative product, or the most unique and enticing corporate identity, but without the […]

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Author: Janine Townsend

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5 Companies with the Happiest Employees

As employee engagement continues to be a highly researched business term, more companies are realizing that salary isn’t the most successful tool when creating a positive work environment. From charitable […]

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Author: Camilla Marais