Six Reasons To Use Mobile Learning For Your Employee Training

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Rochelle van Rensburg

Mobile learning is becoming an integral part of training delivery when it comes to employee training and upskilling. Mobile learning refers to instructional material available to learners on portable devices,and that gives them the versatility to learn anytime, wherever, on the go, and on the platform they choose. The purpose of mobile learning is generally to allow learners to use the same course across multiple devices.

The use of mobile learning started about ten years ago,and this was mainly to complement or support conventional eLearning. Its use has been gradually on the rise over the last few years, and today, it is a crucial and often a substantial part of the training implementation of organizations.

In this article, we explore a few of the benefits that mobile learning can have for your staff and your organization.

1. Learning Versatility.

Online learning provided versatility by removing the need to learn to occur at a given time and place. Through having interactive content, such as videos, podcasts and other multimedia formats accessible on smartphones and tablets, mobile now takes learning versatility even further. What’s more, learners have the added flexibility that they can access this content on their mobile devices whenever and wherever they want.

2. Improved Accomplishment and Retention Rates.

Learning occurs only when the instructional material has been completed and key points internalized. Mobile learning is designed to create interaction, leading to the completion of the course. And given that mobile learning is also designed to fit the usage habits and learning patterns of today’s learners, the result is higher rates of retention.

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3. Increased Opportunities for Social Learning.

Younger employees in today’s workforce appreciate working with others, and mobile devices are important tools to involve learners in creating online learning communities where even more effective studying can occur.

4. Learning οn Multiple Devices.

Training needs to be easy for staff, and technology allows the same eLearning courses to be available on all employee training software with which an employee may communicate everyday, from PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

5. Improved Performance.

Employees prefer methods of learning which do not interrupt their daily routines. Data has to be made accessible quickly while at work. The solution is the encouragement of an employee learning habit that supports a higher value of workplace performance.

6. A straightforward Learning Path.

Many of the organizations ‘ modern employee apps are incorporated with mobile-based learning reminders and organizers. It allows learners to receive ongoing reminders and updates on their courses that can be reviewed on their smartphones while on the go.

Also, learners can easily pick up the coursework right where they left off. That allows for a more customized schooling journey than a non-mobile learning platform would achieve.

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