Find the Business Problem Solutions with Interactive Approach: Workplace Collaboration Surveys

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Rochelle van Rensburg

New technologies and flexible working conditions have transformed the face of the workforce in recent years. Businesses that aim to empower teams with collaborative resources and processes are not only proving to be more successful but are also better able to attract and maintain talent.

Conducting workplace collaboration surveys will help you evaluate employee attitudes and expectations on everything, from the style of leadership and business strategy to their satisfaction with compensation and benefits. The benefit of performing workplace collaboration surveys is that the process will give you a clear image of the thoughts and feelings of your employees.

There are several forms and formats for workplace surveys. Often, surveys are administered using an employee survey app or in an anonymous manner, allowing the respondent to provide truthful, transparent input on their work experience and feelings. This provides a safe environment and reduces the possibility of retaliation for responses that may not be beneficial to managers or the organization in general.

The most successful workplace surveys give the respondent the ability to provide the right details in the correct format. The more direct the feedback in the employee survey software, the more valuable the knowledge to the organization is.

Let’s take a moment to unpack some of the benefits of doing workplace collaboration surveys in this way in some more detail:


The structure of the survey is flexible in that it can be used to assess a range of items in the workplace. For example, a workplace collaboration survey that focuses on employee satisfaction can help management determine what makes workers happy and unhappy in their jobs, while an opinion poll in an employee survey software can help an organization evaluate what employees think about organizational policies and procedures.


Most workers are hesitant to express their true feelings about their work for fear of being blamed, reprimanded or fired. One benefit of rolling out your workplace collaboration survey using an employee survey app is that you can get truthful and informative feedback about the subjects that workers may not feel comfortable presenting to you in person.

workplace collaboration surveys

Improving Employee Morale

One of the most significant advantages of performing employee surveys is the social change that can happen. Most of the employees want to be heard and feel their views are relevant. Employees who know that their feedback is respected would be more loyal and dedicated to the business.

The crucial aspect here is the influence of the findings of the survey. When comments and feedback are obtained via the employee survey app, action must be taken to enforce the good ideas.

As action is taken to incorporate ideas into the company, workers feel more respected at work and more likely to provide more feedback in the future.

Fresh Ideas

As workers are asked for their thoughts and views on the survey, they may have the advantage of bringing new business ideas and concepts to the workplace. A shy employee may feel more comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas through an employee engagement app, and workers who create business concepts that may be considered unorthodox will also be encouraged to share their thoughts more easily.

Reduced Turnover

Performing exit surveys when an employee resigns from a job will help you understand the factors that contributed to a decision that has the benefit of helping you reduce your turnover in the future.

For example, if an exiting employee informs you that he or she is leaving because there is no growth opportunity, you may consider introducing mentoring and cross-training to employees interested in moving up in the industry. When an employee informs you that he or she is quitting because he or she never thought that his or her job was appreciated, you should set up an employee compensation and appreciation program in the future to let workers know that they are respected.

Last note:

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