Employee Engagement Ideas for Managers

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Janine Townsend

Employees are the lifeblood of any company and nothing throttles the success of a company as much as employee disengagement. If there’s one thing we’ve established by now, it’s that employee disengagement results in financial losses to companies, whether in the form of unproductivity, absenteeism, employee turnover, poor customer experience, or even deliberate sabotage. Employee engagement apps can be immensely useful in improving shortcomings in this domain, as long as a nuanced approach is adopted that focuses on a particular organization’s unique (dis)engagement variables. In an effort to support managers in keeping their staff both mentally and physically present, we discuss some employee engagement ideas put forth by Nutcache.

1. Get to know your staff members
Get to know your staff members by talking to them – ask about their day, their families, and at a deeper level, their goals and aspirations at work. An employee engagement app is fantastic for communicating information, but nothing beats face-to-face interaction when it comes to building rapport and making people feel seen, heard, and valued.

2. Set employees up for success with the right tools and room to grow
Employees who feel confident in their ability to perform their role and who have opportunities to develop, are more likely to be engaged at work than ones who feel like they are on shaky ground with no support and no prospects. Managers will do well to ensure that their staff have access to the information, skills and resources they require to be successful, whether they decide to provide informal mentorship or to provide staff with access to the right content. This is where an employee engagement app such as Ezzely is especially valuable – not only can managers communicate important business-related information with their staff, but they can ensure that employees have support and access to opportunities by means of curated training material.

 employee engagement ideas

3. Let them know how the company is doing and build company pride
Vested interest in the company for whom they work stems from employees’ awareness of the organization’s pain points as well as the things, especially team-related efforts, that have led to its success. Having this knowledge grants employees the opportunity to innovate, collaborate and work proactively, while developing company pride when it is conveyed that successes and wins are only possible due to the people who work there.Teamwork is underpinned by good communication and a sense of support, not only by and from colleagues, but also by and from management – this is where a feature such as Ezzely’s Activity Feed is particularly useful.

4. Recognize your team and their efforts
Employees who feel underappreciated are more likely to seek greener pastures, but not before they switch off and experience a drop in their productivity levels.Recognition doesn’t have to be costly and can start small, like a manager thanking their team for completing a phase of a project or praising an employee for the great way in which they served a client. Public recognition also gives an excellent engagement boost, whether by thanking a particular person or team in a meeting or by using public platforms such as a newsletter or Ezzely’s employee recognition and reward functionalities. It’s beneficial to managers to understand which forms of recognition and reward work best for their staff – get to know them, ask them, and don’t be afraid to learn from experience.

5. Listen to and act on employee feedback
Listening and responding to the needs of your clients and the needs of your staff are equally important. Managers should schedule regular check-in sessions and team meetings and also incorporate employee surveys to determine the engagement pulse of the organization. It is, however, more important for managers to respond appropriately to employee feedback rather than merely asking for input – employees who feel heard and understood are happier, more invested in their roles and far more productively engaged than their counterparts.

Ezzely provides a holistic solution to the engagement needs of any organization, in support of all levels of management – check out our website for more information – and while you’re there, take a moment to watch a few (or all) of our hilarious, yet informative videos describing Ezzely’s wide-ranging capabilities.

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