7 Reasons to Integrate an Employee Scheduling App in Your Business

#Employee Engagement

Janine Townsend

Shift scheduling can be a nightmare and scheduling mishaps could cost businesses dearly in time and money – thankfully, technology makes our lives easier. If you’re still not convinced that an employee scheduling app could be useful to your business, the following benefits highlighted by the Rype Group might make you reconsider. An employee scheduling app could-

1. Enhance team communication

Employee scheduling app with communication functionality allows for direct and instant communication between colleagues. Staff can notify their managers when they are unable to make it to work, and managers can find someone to cover shifts when required.
In addition, improved team communication could also enhance employee engagement at work – managers can easily communicate important work targets to staff, and staff can ask questions and receive feedback if they experience uncertainty about certain aspects of their work.

2. Save managers time

According to the Rype Group, approximately 20 hours a month are wasted on traditional forms of scheduling (e.g., using Excel spreadsheets). Employee scheduling software typically reduces the time managers and retail owners spend on administrative tasks, thus freeing up their schedules to focus on other important aspects of their role.

3. Assist in avoiding overtime errors

Employee scheduling software could assist managers to ensure that employees do not work more hours than labor laws permit, and to avoid potential class action lawsuits and costly settlements due to overtime errors.

4. Improve payroll accuracy

Further to the previous point, employee scheduling software could assist employers with payroll accuracy, especially in working environments where employee schedules frequently change and it becomes more complicated to keep track of employees’ hours through traditional scheduling methods. Paychecks that accurately reflect the hours that employees have worked, lead to greater employee satisfaction and retention.

5. Improve client satisfaction

Employee scheduling software that contains effective communication functionality, improves employee competence by ensuring that all employees remain informed of important aspects relating to their work – whether it’s receiving instructions on, for example, what a window display should look like or how to implement a new system. Competent employees tend to offer better customer service, leading to more satisfied customers. Tools such as Ezzely even includes training functionality (in addition to its scheduling capabilities), where employees are able to access bite-sized training files such as videos or infographics, or curated training content relevant to their work.

6. Allow for better management of multiple locations

This benefit stems from having fewer issues with employee scheduling such as managing shift swaps across multiple business locations, and having the capability to send out important communication to employees in an instant.

7. Facilitate amendments to employee schedules from anywhere

Businesses that make use of effective employee scheduling apps no longer have to see employees face-to-face in order to keep them up to date with changes in schedules and employees are better equipped to notify their employers or managers when they are unable to fill a shift or would like to request a shift swap.

Improved scheduling and communication not only benefits a business and its bottom line, but greatly benefits its staff too. Ezzely can make your scheduling simpler and more accessible by offering a solution that is available form a device that employees carry with them everywhere they go – find out how by following this link.

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