How to Rock Employee Recognition?

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Mollie Pendexter

Employee Recognition

In a recent survey conducted by O.C Tanner, they found out that employee recognition is the “key driver of great work”.

In a recent Glassdoor study, over 80 percent of the employees admitted to working harder when their work is appreciated.

When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more motivated to continue and improve their performance. This in turn leads to productivity, loyalty, satisfaction, retention, and above all, the growth of your business.

So Dale Carnegie had it exactly right when he said, “People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.

After all, appreciation is a basic human need and a great tool of motivation as well.

How to Give a Pat on the Back to Your Employees

Here are samples of how you can provide employee recognition to your staff that are personalized, unique, and specific.

When It Comes to Recognizing a Team…

– Take them out to lunch to express your appreciation
– Organize a special meeting or awarding ceremony to recognize their efforts
– Express interest in their professional development and their long term career goals

Here’s How to Appreciate Individual’s Efforts…

– Reward the employee on a one-on-one meeting and acknowledge the employee’s efforts
– Recognize the employee on your company’s communication app
– Take the employee out to lunch
– Send a handwritten card with a special message addressing the employee’s contribution

And Do These Things to Welcome New Talent on Board…

– Welcome them on your company’s communication app
– Ask other employees to check in on the employee and offer guidance
– Give them a cute welcome gift like a pen or the company’s branded office mug
– Take the whole team out for a welcome lunch

Things to Keep in Mind While Recognizing Their Efforts…

– Always thank the person by name
– Be specific while recognizing them
– Explain how their performances contribute to the growth of the company

Bottom Line

Recognition motivates your team to perform well, which positively impacts your company’s growth!

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