How to be Happy & Productive while Working Remotely During Self-Quarantine

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Janine Townsend

In what seems like overnight, the entire world had to rearrange itself due to a global pandemic. Many organizations were wildly un- and under-prepared for such a sudden change, having perhaps only toyed with the idea of integrating remote work into their day-to-day practices.

Where and how people work had to adapt quickly to compensate for the changing economic environment. Some people lost their jobs and had to find new ways of earning an income, while others had to get used to working from home where they were obliged to share space with their partner and/or children. Employee engagement may have taken a knock during the chaos and uncertainty, but there is no reason for it to continue to dwindle. With a few minor adjustments – both mental and physical – employees can be both happy and productive while working remotely.

In a recent Forbes article on the topic, Stephanie Burns connected with entrepreneurs to determine some useful tips on staying productive during quarantine; this is what they had to say:

1. Build (and keep) your momentum through adopting positive habits

According to Jennifer Kem, by focusing on the three C’s, you can remain productive and keep your momentum going:

– Connection – Despite a lack of in-person connection, we are fortunate to live in an “always-on” age, where a connection can be meaningfully achieved through various online platforms – from social media to employee engagement apps. You and your staff will never feel disconnected with Ezzely, an employee motivation app that combines employee communication capabilities with information sharing and recognition functionalities. Connect with your staff by posting workplace updates, posing questions, and recognizing effort in real-time on the Activity Feed.

– Community- Regularly reach out to your staff using workplace platforms or find out what they need to be more productive through a survey. Employers that provide moral and emotional support to their staff during a difficult period such as this one, are far more likely to retain them, keep them engaged, and inspire them to remain productive.

– Creativity- Fewer people have to undertake the dreaded daily commute during lockdown or self-quarantine, and consequently may have more time at their disposal to be productive, to learn or hone a skill, or to engage in creative problem-solving. Allow your employees the opportunity to make meaningful use of their extra time – not necessarily to focus solely on workplace output, but on forming good habits (e.g. meditation or exercise) or personal development (check out Ezzely’s Training functionality).

2. Get your tools right

Employee engagement tools are productivity-enablers and companies don’t have to spend a fortune on productivity when thousands of excellent free and inexpensive project management, collaboration, and conferencing tools exist. Leverage platforms such as Coggno Connect, Trello, and Google Drive in conjunction with the Ezzely employee engagement platform to create a productive virtual working environment, accessible from anywhere.

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3. Prioritize Mental and Emotional Health

There are a multitude of benefits associated with working from home, but it may challenge employees’ discipline and focus too, particularly when they share their home with others. We highlight two key tips to maintain one’s focus while working from home:

 – Structure your week – Create- and stick to a routine to reduce decision fatigue and to provide structure during times of uncertainty. Encourage employees to find a rhythm that works for them – this might require a period of trial and error, but once they have found their feet, it will pay off through improved productivity.

–  Practice self-care – Self-care involves healthy eating habits, daily exercise, emotional support, and sufficient rest in order to remain engaged and productive at work. Encourage employees to take care of themselves and to maintain a healthy work-life balance. And if you’re looking for employee reward ideas, consider options that will help your employees to unwind or spend time with their loved ones.

Many businesses have been rocked to their core due to the unexpected global chaos ensuing from the pandemic; fortunately, human beings can be extremely adaptable and resilient in the face of difficulty. Implement smart strategies now that will allow your employees to be productive and happy while working from anywhere – click here to see how Ezzely can benefit your business.

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