How To Avoid Discouraging Your Employees

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Camilla Marais

company, it can be easy to dismiss exactly how much control you have. In reality, those in a position of authority have the unique privilege and responsibility of speaking into other’s lives. A key aspect of this job description is guiding, leading, and regulating performance and behavior. While all three of these tools are essential to the growth of a team, excessive or harsh regulation can discourage employees over time. Rather than give you a list of things to avoid when directing employees, here are key ways to invest in your employees.

See People, Not Employees

As every person is unique, their work and productivity style will differ as well; a one-size-fits-all mentality does not work here. Rather than generalizing your directive approach to an employee based on their age, gender, or position, see the employee for the individual they are. Instead of sending out a general email to an entire branch, try meeting with employees individually. This will allow them to share their thoughts and concerns, and allow you to give specific direction and guidance. Both of this cultivate employee engagement, increased productivity, and company loyalty, which is a win-win for everyone!

Value the Professional, not their Net Worth

A very small percentage of employees are working a job entirely for the paycheck. Acknowledging that those in your office are dedicating their time, energy, and talent to your company will help you guide them as a multi-layered person, not just an employee. When giving direction, try to give feedback to the employee as a complex being, not just a money-making device. Share how these changes will benefit their career and being as a whole.

Go Beyond the Superficial Level

Your employees have dreams, strengths, passions, and goals surrounding their careers. To assume that the professionals in your department are maintaining their day job for purely financial and involvement purposes will cause your guidance to discourage rather than encourage. Get to know your employees, find out what their goals are, and guide them through their strengths and the company. This will not only cultivate productivity and creativity, but ensure that your employees feel valued.

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