How Employee Availability Can Be Managed Efficiently With A Scheduling App

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Rochelle van Rensburg

With your head in your hands, you’re attempting to schedule coming shifts.
You’ve had a challenge with scheduling staff who inform you, at the eleventh hour, that they can’t work a shift. You’ve additionally noticed staff swapping shifts.
In a nutshell, scheduling has become a pain.
What if there was a much easier way of doing this?
What if you use technology and enable your staff to organize their own shift swapping and scheduling?

Employee scheduling apps are tools that your staff can use to indicate their availability.
These apps can be used as a reference when work shifts are organized. Employee scheduling apps are your key to reducing shift scheduling headaches- it saves time and money by removing the human error as well as the requirement for manual data entry.
Let’s look at a few ways in which employee availability can be managed effectively using an employee scheduling app:

Ensure your staff know how to use the employee scheduling app

The first step to implementing any new system in an organization is to ensure that staff knows how it works and how the tool or system should be used. The first aspect to highlight when it comes to managing your staff’s availability more effectively would, therefore, be to train them on how to use the app, how to create shift swop requests and how it will work.
The Ezzely employee engagement app has a built-in training feature that will easily deploy this training to your staff. Click here to learn more about how it works.

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Allow staff to create shift swap requests

This feature is the main objective of implementing a system that streamlines employee availability and scheduling – to enable staff to provide feedback regarding their availability and to create shift swaps for instances when they are not available.
The Pick Up Shift feature of the Ezzely employee scheduling app does exactly that.
Click here to learn more about how it works.

Supervisor review and approvals

Having staff create shift swaps is one thing, but scheduling and giving the go-ahead on the requests is quite another. For an improved employee scheduling system to work effectively, manager or supervisor approval would, therefore, be crucial, to ensure that shift swaps are organized effectively without causing damage to either the employees or the organization.
The Pick-Up Shift feature of the Ezzely employee engagement app has a built-in supervisor approval functionality as well. Click here to learn more about how it works.

Keeping relevant employees informed

When changes to our work situations occur, it is important for us to be informed about it ahead of time, so that the necessary arrangements or possible workarounds that might be required can be done proactively. For this reason, it would also be important to have an employee scheduling app that enables instant communication to the entire organization, or a select group of staff.
The Activity Feed feature of the Ezzely employee engagement platform does exactly that.
Click here to learn more about how it works.

Last note:
Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of effective time management in your organization?
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