5 Things Companies Do to Create a Fun Workplace and Happy Employees

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Camilla Marais

Business analysts know that it takes more than a solid salary and successful company for creating a fun workplace. Employee culture, morale, and loyalty are all key to the sustainability of a business and are ultimately cultivated through a positive office tone. While these terms can seem complex, they are easily created through a few simple office practices.

Workplace Fun Factor

From office holiday parties to semi-annual happy hours, prioritize events that encourage positive employee morale. These breaks from the office grind cultivate a fun and relaxing environment that employees enjoy returning to. If you sense that employee engagement is low, even taking a 10-minute break in a workday to play a game or honor someone’s birthday can change the tone of a day.

Cultivate a Team Mentality

This practice can be incorporated in both within company decisions and office bonding scenarios. When any company decision, change, or shift is being debated, consult all employees involved in the situation at hand. This practice also reminds employees that they have a voice, and that voice is valued within their workplace. Team mentalities can also be utilized in a less formal setting; for example, during an office Halloween party, dividing employees into teams in a pumpkin-carving competition is a fun and exciting way to deepen office relationships.

Frequent Praise

Praise is also a key aspect of a pleasant work environment that can be utilized both formally and informally. Using the Ezzely app, employees can post messages of praise to a company feed for their spectacular attitude, success on a task, or going above and beyond their job requirement.

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Companies that treat employees as undynamic and uncomplex money-making machines create a boring and static work environment. A key aspect of creating a fun workplace is acknowledging that your employees are human, with strengths, goals, and passions. When pitching a project to your team, focus on how this project will develop their skills. To check in with your team, avoid asking only about the status of an assignment, but inquire about their overall experience with the company.

Honor Celebration

From birthdays to local holidays, companies that honor these occasions utilize the bonding effect it can have on office space. Celebrating birthdays, holidays, and local events not only makes employees feel valued but also creates a deeper feeling of the community.

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