5 Effective Habits To Boost Employee Engagement

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Mollie Pendexter

2018 is the Year of Employee Engagement

Forbes named 2018 the year of the employee experience as it has become the secret weapon for a successful business. Employers are now looking for strategies and solutions to boost employee engagement.

Boost Employee Engagement

Often businesses fail to understand how employees are looking to be engaged, so we are listing below 5 habits to adapt if you want to motivate and engage your team.

1) Fresh Start Every Morning

Yesterday might have been a bad day for your team and everyone is feeling down. So, each morning give a positive start among your team members. There are number of small things that can go a long way to build employee engagement. You can have some music in the office or hand out specialty coffee to your employees in the morning, which can help start everyone off on the right foot. This puts everyone in a position to transform their problems into a positive and powerful learning experience.

2) Promote Positivity and Wellness

Having healthy and happy employees is an important way to keep them engaged. Meditation, exercise, or having a relaxation room in the office, can contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle among your employees. Encouraging people to get up from their desk and take a break can make all the difference in their work life balance.

3) Set Goals

Ask and encourage employees to prepare a list of goals they want to accomplish. It can be for their specific job roles as well as for their personal lives. The list should consist of high-level goals depicting their growth graph and not just a list of daily things to do. Having long-term goals, with milestones to be accomplished along the way will keep employees engaged.

4) Appreciate their Success

Big or small, celebrate their successes. Establish a culture of recognition which values employee achievements. You can send out kudos messages to your employees via your communicate app. Appreciate the efforts of someone who achieved certain milestones, and inspire others to do the same. Refill their energy tanks with recognition.

5) Set them Free

To promote creativity among employees, let them wander outside the confines of the office.  It can be enjoying coffee together or taking a walk around the building. It helps employees bond with each other and promote a better corporate culture in your company.

Remember, employees are the company’s greatest asset. To push your business forward and make it extremely successful you must learn to adapt these habits to effect change.

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