4 Employee Engagement Mistakes You Should Avoid

#Employee Engagement

Mollie Pendexter

Despite having efficient employee engagement practices in place, if you find that…

  • Your employees don’t feel connected with the company
  • Your retention rates are low
  • Employee performance is on decline

It means that you are still struggling with your approach to actually incorporate engagement within the organization. This may be due to negligence or ignorance which undermine your employee engagement strategies.

Here are some key mistakes you should avoid when building a team of engaged and skilled individuals.

Mistake# 1: Not Giving Negative Feedback:

Constructive feedback can be difficult to administer but that doesn’t mean you should avoid criticizing your staff at all. It’s important to remember that criticism is important to improve the performance of a person – if someone is not aware that they are doing something incorrectly they will not know how to fix it. Your feedback should be analytical and focused on the behavior, rather than exposing traits.

Mistake# 2: Not Tracking Employee Engagement:

Most companies are unaware of how engaged their workforce is or where they need improvement. Measuring employee engagement is essential to know your teams general attitude toward their jobs and your company as a whole. Conducting yearly surveys is one of the easiest ways to measure employee engagement. You can utilize employee engagement app like Ezzely to run these surveys giving everyone the convenience of answering your questions right on their computer or smartphone.

Mistake# 3: Not Providing Training:

A employee training program is necessary to improve their skills on a constant basis. Provide them with practical and hands-on experiences to give them a more engaging way to do initial and continued training. It will boost their confidence and encourage them to operate at the best of their ability. Untrained employees can often times feel unsupported and lost – which is why training is essential to your teams engagement.

Mistake# 4: Not Showing Trust:

Don’t you share company news, both good and bad, with your people?

Do you micromanage or question every task they do?

Do you look down on them?

It means that you don’t trust your employees. Employees don’t feel motivated and secure as they are being doubted or mistrusted by the management. Consequently, the lack of trust can mar your all efforts to keep your staff encouraged. In fact, putting faith in your team is the pillar of employee engagement program.

So these are the mistakes you should avoid to make your employee engagement program efficient and encouraging as well.

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