Top 4 Phrases a Boss Can Say to Motivate Employees

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Camilla Marais

Studies have shown that salary is not the key to motivate employees. In fact, a company’s leadership has incredible influence over creating a positive office culture that encourages productive and creative work. Expensive and extensive programs are not needed to motivate employees, as creating employee engagement can start with an encouraging boss. Here are the top four phrases a boss can say to motivate employees.

“Thank you!”

Verbal appreciation is a simple and easy way to increase employee morale. Recognizing an employee’s time, effort, and talents contributes to employee engagement and retention, as it makes employees feel valued. Simple acts like hosting a pizza party for a branch’s success or giving an employee a shout out on the Ezzely app feed can make a team member feel appreciated.

“I was wrong.”

While admitting that you made a mistake can hurt your ego, it ultimately builds the respect and honor your team members hold for you. As bosses’ lead by example, acknowledging your own shortcomings creates a culture where employees handle their mistakes with professionalism and grace. An office where mistakes are blamed on others or not addressed creates an unsuccessful company. Good leadership starts with respect, and owning your mistakes contributes to a positive office culture.

“What’s your opinion?”

Another way to cultivate employee engagement is to create an office vibe where team members feel like they have a voice. Acknowledging that each team member has influence promotes a positive office culture that employees are excited to contribute to. This practice also encourages employee retention, as team members are more likely to remain loyal to companies where they felt that their voice was valued.

“I know I can count on you.”

Instilling a sense of confidence within employees cultivates a positive office culture while boosting employee productivity. If bosses encourage their team members, employees are much more likely to produce creative, competitive, and competent work. The simple act of affirming your team members can unlock the incredible company benefits that engaged employees can bring.

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